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LOTSLDR - Lotus Slider Adapter

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LOTSLDR - Lotus Slider Adapter. Rock Slider adapter for Hi-Lift jacks. Adapter includes an auto-locking and removable retaining pin. Designed to reduce the risk of the Lift Jack from sliding off the rock slider and provide a stable connection. Rock slider cradle for Hi-Lift® style Lift Jacks Fits tubes up to 2.25" in diameter. All steel construction & powder coated
Part Number: LOTSLDR
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LOTSLDR - Lotus Slider Adapter

Rock Slider adapter for Hi-Lift jacks.

  • Provides a better connection for round tube sliders and helps prevent the tongue of the jack from slipping.
  • Quick release ball detent pin for easy addition or removal on the jack in seconds.
  • Adapter comes powder coated black.
  • Slider cup accepts up to a 2.25" tube.
  • Materials and construction 100% USA made.

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