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-TTBOSS-GX470KALM - Toytec Boss Suspension System for 03-09 GX470 with Aluma Series Coilovers

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-TTBOSS-GX470KALM - Toytec Boss Suspension System for 03-09 GX470 with Aluma Series Coilovers

Introducing a brand new addition to our lineup.  These coilovers still provide the same great ride quality as our current line but offer additional benefits. 


  • Toytec Front Aluma Series Coilovers
    • The shock bodies are made from hard anodized aluminum for cooler operation as well as better protection from the elements.
    • Adjustable from 2-3" of lift
    • Internal hydraulic valving optimized to match the 700 lb rate spring for use with or without a bumper or winch.
    • Coilovers are assembled and ready to bolt on.  No spring compressor or special tools needed for installation.
    • This kit includes sway bar relocation brackets, preload adjustment tool and owners manual. 
      • Note: Vehicles with KDSS will not use the sway bar bracket.
    • Nitrogen charged design with internal floating piston to help prevent shock fading and cavitation
    • Heavy duty 16mm induction-hardened piston shaft.
    • Lower eyelet has a rubber bushing with steel sleeve for quiet, maintenance free operation. 
    • These shocks are fully rebuildable
    • Aftermarket upper control arms are recommended.

Front Diff Drop Kit:

    • Front Differential Drop kit  - Recommended for all lifted 4x4s
Rear Lift:
    • Toytec Rear Superflex Coils: - Our BOSS kits comes standard with Toytec RCC2.0 rear springs- These springs offer 2" of  lift with stock rear weight with the best overall ride quality and rear articulation.
    • Optional HD Rear Superflex coils  - Offer additional weight carrying capacity.  Recommended 150-200 lbs of constant load for 2-2.5" of lift. 

Rear Shock Options: 

    • TT-75109 Toytec BOSS rear shocks are optimized for maximum travel with Superflex coils
    • TT-75110RR - Rear BOSS 2.0 Remote Reservoir Shocks.  For additional performance, the remote reservoir shock will hold more oil to prevent shock fading on rougher applications.  

Add Upper Control Arms to complete your kit:

    • Total Chaos Uniball Upper Control arms - 96504 - Maximize your wheel travel and increase your strength while also correcting alignment angles.
    • SPC Adjustable Upper Control Arms - 25480 - The most adjustable UCA on the market.  Correct your alignment angles.  Also great to help with adjusting for tire clearance.
Fitment Notes:
  • If you have rear factory airbags in your GX470, add the MetalTech Conversion Kit from the drop down and this kit will work with your vehicle. 
  • *We recommend the rear HD coils for GX470's with 3rd row seating using MetalTech coil conversion kit. 
  • The factory shock dampening controls (sport/comfort) will be disabled when replacing the shocks on your GX470. 

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